Rivit is an Italian leading Company for what concerns production and distribution of fixing
systems, tools and equipments for sheet metal working and assembling. It was founded
in 1973, and during its fourty-year experience, Rivit has come to set the company business
in four separate divisions: metal, roofing, frames and dealers.
Rivit is synonymous with design and development of new, rapid and innovative solutions in
the fields of professional fixing systems, high quality products and know-how in all areas
embraced by its customers.


Product Range:


Blind Rivets

Special Rivets

Structural Rivets

Rivet Nuts

Solid Rivets

Rivet Nuts for Plastic

Self Clinching

Welding Studs

Helical Threads

Blind Bolts

Blind Rivet Tools

Hand Tools

Pneumatic Tools

Battery Tools

Rivet Nut Tools

Hand Tools

Pneumatic Tools

Battery Tool

Blind Bolt Tools

Electro-Hyraulic Tool

Pneumatic Tool

ContolRiv Basic

Blind Rivet

Rivet Nut

Self Clinching Tools

RIV2100 Manual

RIV220 Pneumatic

RIV2450 Pneumatic

Welding Studs Tools